The noblest of natural ornamental stones originates from limestone. It has a uniform coloration that is characterized by veins or stripes of shades, darker or lighter than the predominant color. Among the main differences in relation to granite is porosity and hardness. Marble is more porous and can absorb more water and other types of liquids, and is also less resistant than granite. Because it is less abundant in nature, marble has a higher market value.


Visually, the great difference between granite and marble lies in the formation of plaques. The granite has “spots”, instead of veins and stripes. The stone’s composition is stronger than marble and also absorbs less liquid, which has reduced the possibility of stains and scratches. As it is found in great quantity in the nature, the market price for granite is usually smaller than the one applied for marble. Colors range from brown, black, green and shades of gray.


It is a natural stone essentially composed of quartz. It aligns the refinement and the beauty of the marble with the high resistance of granites, so it has been gaining market and expanding its use. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.


It is a rock composed of mineral calcite, which, for the laity, can resemble marble. Its main features are the natural rustic appearance and low gloss. In addition to calcite, the rock is also composed of clay, sand, and iron oxide. The proportion of these mixtures determines the tone, porosity and hardness of the limestone. The large deposits of this type of stone are located in Turkey and Spain. In Brazil, Limestone is more abundant in Ceará.

The Onyx

An assortment of quartz is a very tough rock, with a particular beauty. The colors range from white, black, beige and green with pink, yellow and reddish tones. Very versatile, it can be used in panels, counters, sinks and stairs. Among its differentials is the variety of shades, colors and weight. Being a translucent stone, it is a great preference of architects and interior designers for projects that favor vintage lighting effects.



Quartz Surfaces are industrialized stones. The product is composed of 93% Natural Quartz (one of nature’s most resistant minerals), polymers and dyes. The result is a beautiful, resistant and practical product, with an indefinite warranty period. It has a wide variety of colors and is versatile in its use, both indoors and outdoors.


It is a product originated from the heating of silica, a process similar to the manufacture of glass. The process known as nanotechnology gives the material a very homogeneous finish without air bubbles. Always in the white color, the Nanoglass is very used in the projects of benches, floors and stairs.

The Artificial Marble

It is also known as Prime. The industrialization of this product is composed of marble powder and resin. The end result is a high strength marble surface and lots of luster. It has a wide range of colors and shades. It should not be used outdoors.


There are more than 60 finishing options. Please see the options in the PDF file


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