Dorym is one of the best stone companies located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.  We specialize in processing and manufacturing from the best and biggest variety of ornamental stones, such as marbles, granites and quartz, in addition to this, we also keep an updated portfolio of the leading imported brands on synthetic coatings.

Our main production plant is located in Taubaté, SP, Brazil, in a more than 64.000 square foot property, with a production area of 20.000 square foot, where a team of highly skilled employees operates state-of-the-art equipment to deliver a variety of products such as entire plates, panels, sinks, counters, benches, stairs, floors, pool edges, and customized and standardized designs.

In 2019, Dorym began its expansion project, opening its doors to the international market with the inauguration of its first plant in the United States located in Winter Garden, Florida.


Serving our national and international customers with quality, punctuality and commitment to safety and respect for the environment. 


BBeing a recognized company in the segment of marbles and granites in the national and international market, based on confidence, punctuality, quality, respect for the environment and safety.


Understanding customers’ needs by being their partner in every step of the process.
Serving in time, with quality and a competitive price.

Thinking in a creative way to fulfill demand.
Finding alternatives to achieve the desired results.


Acting in a fair and responsible manner, respecting the principles,
values and core values.

Doing what is need it in the right time.



The trajectory that originated Dorym Marble and Granites began in 2008, when civil engineer Isidoro Barbiero, an already established oil and gas business manager, decided to expand his area of ​​activity and let his entrepreneurial spirit speak louder.

In 2009, Isidoro Barbiero founded Barbigran Mármores e Granitos in the city of Castelo ES, Brazil. Two years later, the company expanded its area of ​​operation and started to operate in the Rio-São Paulo axis market, with the installation of the Taubaté, SP, Brazil plant.

In 2013, with the consolidation of activities in the region and with the recognition from the professionals working in the engineering and architectural areas, the company acquired an area in the District of Quiririm and installed a production plant and a showroom.

In 2017, the company underwent a corporate restructure and parted ways with the plant located in Espirito Santo, Brazil and started to be managed by the family´s second generation. The company Dorym was born and named after “Dorinho” our founder Isidoro Barbiero´s nickname, who later pasted away in 2018. the company’s goal at the time was to expand its operations in the domestic market and looking to expand into the international market.

Starting in 2018, the company started it´s more ambitious project, not only putting its name on the local market as one of the most important stone companies, but also by launching its efforts to the international market, opening its first plant located in Winter Garden, Fl, USA.

  • 2009 – Foundation of Barbigran in the city of Castelo (ES);

  • 2011 – Opening of the Barbigran Unit, in Taubaté (SP);

  • 2012 – Acquisition of the expansion area in Quiririm (District of Taubaté);

  • 2013 – Inauguration of production facilities and showroom;

  • 2015 – Expansion of the Company’s administrative area.

  • 2017 – Expansion of the Company’s administrative area. Investments in the expansion of the Production Unit of Taubaté (SP).

  • 2018 – Equipment investments and expansion announcement
    Release of the Dorym Mármores e Granitos brand

  • 2019 – Inauguration of the Dorym unit in Winter Garden, USA


Unit I – Taubaté (SP)
Rua Batista Sansoni, 410
ZIP Code: 12.043-500
Phone:+ 55 (12) 3686-2267

Unit II – Orlando (FL)
1401 Beulah Road, suites
Winter Garden, Orlando Florida
ZIP Code: 34787
Phone: +1 (407) 561-6718

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