Aware of its environmental responsibility, Dorym adopts eco-efficient processes throughout its production chain and operates according to the guidelines of environmental responsibility, using and re-using renewable natural resources to avoid a big impact back to the environment. Check out some of our environmental actions:

Reclaimed Water

Dorym reuses 100% of the water used in its production process. The water used in the treatment of the stones goes to a 40.000 liters capacity treatment wells. Then the water passes through the decanting process and the mud powder originated from the stone is separated and stored for proper disposal.

Rainwater collection

Dorym has a rainwater collection unit with a capacity over 50.000 liters. The stored water is used by production in several activities, including manufacturing machines.

Solid waste

Dorym has an exclusive area for separation and correct disposal of solid waste. Packaging materials, such as metals and cardboards are sold to local recycling companies and the money is used towards actions and wellbeing of our employees.

The remains from the stone cuts are well assessed in order to identify the best destination for each of these pieces. Some of the uses:

•   Manufacture of sills and floors;
•   Manufacture of samples;
•   Crushing and own use;

Next Steps

Dorym is planning to invest in photovoltaic energy to meet all its energy needs and become a reference company in sustainability, energy self-sufficient and a model in water treatment.


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Rua Batista Sansoni, 410
ZIP Code: 12.043-500
Phone:+ 55 (12) 3686-2267
Email: contato@dorym.com

Unit II – Orlando (FL)
1401 Beulah Road, suites
Winter Garden, Orlando Florida
ZIP Code: 34787
Phone: +1 (407) 561-6718
Email: contact@dorym.com

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