Dorym works with differentiated service to serve architecture projects, customize projects and retail stores, in the most diverse residential and corporate projects, pursuing the best quality and finish according to demand.

Custom Projects

  • Residential Services
  • Business services
  • Special cuts in porcelain tiles
  • Special cutting services with a water jet

Standard Projects

• Construction companies
• Retail Stores
• Hardwares

Dorym Export USA

• Marble and Granite Plates
• Custom Projects
• Ready and standardized parts


Unit I – Taubaté (SP)
Rua Batista Sansoni, 410
ZIP Code: 12.043-500
Phone:+ 55 (12) 3686-2267

Unit II – Orlando (FL)
1401 Beulah Road, suites
Winter Garden, Orlando Florida
ZIP Code: 34787
Phone: +1 (407) 561-6718

We are inspired by history

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