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Dorym USA started initially by an idea from its founder Isidoro Barbiero, still in 2016, to create greater diversification within an already mapped ornamental stone market. However, it took years of research into this project, and it was only in 2019 that we started the new business.

The first idea was for the Orlando unit to function as a commercial agent for Dorym Brasil, capturing projects that would be manufactured at our Taubaté unit and sent to the United States, where the Dorym USA team would proceed with the receipt and installation of these projects. However, after 6 months of operation and already with large projects in execution, the great global crisis generated by COVID-19 ended up having a hard impact on this project, being necessary to redesign the entire operation.

Dorym USA grew out of an initial idea by the founder of Dorym

Thus, Dorym USA arrives in 2022 at a new address and with new strategies, which are:

- Located in an area of 6,000 sqft, just 10 minutes from Downtown Orlando;

- Site prepared for the manufacture of projects in marble, granite, quartz and blades, with 1 bridge saw and all necessary infrastructure;

- Rainwater harvesting and reuse of water used in production;

- Own showroom with several brands of quartz and natural products such as GSI and 4Power;

- Partnership with LAMINAM in sintered blades;

- Supply of accessories such as vats, faucets, gutters, among others

- Partnership with ADAMA DESIGN in the supply of tiles and cement floors;

- Supply and installation of kitchen and bathroom cabinets;

- Supply of ceramic and vinyl floors;

To learn more, contact and schedule one of our consultants.

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