The solidity of the Dorym structure

So we can serve our customers with excellence, obtaining the best result in quality and efficiency in all projects, Dorym constantly invests in training and technology, in addition to continuously improving its internal processes.

With a production area of 2,200m² installed on a plot of 6,000m², the DORYM Processing Park is a reference not only in the region of Taubaté, but also in the entire State of São Paulo.

Quality and Efficiency in Dorym Products

Among our machinery and work structures we have:

  • 1 CNC COCH 4R Bridge Saw;
  • 1 Serra Ponte CNP COCH C34 MAX;
  • 1 Serra Ponte CNP COCH C34 MAX2
  • 1 CNC Water Cutting Machine FLOW Mach 3 60,000PSI Ultra High Pressure;
  • 1 Poly Border COCH LF11;
  • 2 Overhead Cranes, weighing 5 and 7 tons;
  • Pneumatic sanders, national and imported;
  • 7 small vehicles;
  • 1 cargo vehicle of 1500kg;
  • 1 cargo vehicle of 1800kg;
  • 1 cargo vehicle of 7000kg.

Dorym's production capacity is prepared to meet every demand

  • In Metro Linear: 450ml/day, around 10,000ml/month;
  • In Slabs: About 30 slabs/day, 650 slabs/month;
  • In Area: Around 170 m²/day, 3,700 m²/month.

In the Polishing - Poly Border area (Automated material polishing), our capacity reaches:

  • In Metro Linear: 500ml/day, about 11,000ml/month.

For Finishing and Assembly our capacity is:

  • In Metro Linear: 200ml/day, about 4,500ml/month.

Note: Capacity established according to the number of contracted finishers and according to company demand

In order to work effectively and without losing environmental awareness, Dorym works with:

  • Capture of 50,000 liters of rainwater for use in production equipment;
  • Collection system for water treatment and reuse, with over 40,000 liters of capture.

Dorym works like a living organism, in constant evolution and replacement, prepared to serve all our customers:

  • More than 2,500 m² of materials in stock;
  • More than 500 slabs, varying in more than 60 types of materials;
  • Weekly loads of new and replacement materials.

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