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Respect and position ourselves in favor of environmental causes is a part of what we do in every day tasks, in every step of production



We commit and invest in technologies and attitudes that reduce the environmental impact that our company has. As an example, we reuse 100% of the water in our machines

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting

We know that water is the most valuable resource there is. That is why we have a unity that harvests rainwater, with a capacity for 50K liters. And this water goes back to be distributed in our daily routines

solid waste

Solid Waste

It is extremely important in our activities that we correctly dispose of solid waste, that is why we have an exclusive area where we separate and give the right destination to solid waste.

Next steps

Next steps

Being integrated with the environment is one of Dorym’s goals, that is why next investments will be in photo vital energy, so we can attend to all our energetic necessities and grow in our sustainable pillar

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One of the biggest environmental challenges of modernity is the huge amount of waste produced and disposed by the population. Despite the effort of many campaigns on behalf of sustainability, there is not adequate awareness on how to correctly dispose of waste, in a way we won't harm nature.

Dorym concerns itself with sustainability and with solutions that are necessary for educative measures, that encourage the adequation of new individual habits on behalf of the general well being of the population.

Taking that into perspective, it is not enough to rethink the ways we dispose of waste, but we also need to prioritize social matters so we can ressignificate these dispositions in construction and on daily works.

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Dorym has built and still builds solid partnerships with the most renowned companies of our field.

Laminam company
Geoluxe Company
Dekton company
Neolith Company
Caesarstone Company
Technistore company
Silestone Company
Laminatto Company
Topzstone Company
Diamond Company
Emporio Stone Company
Lamtec company
Lapitec company
Nilam company
Color Stone Company

Dorym - Our History

Originally founded with the name Barbigran Marble and Granite, created by the entrepreneur and civil engineer Isodoro Barbiero, Forum conquered all cities in between São Paulo and Rio in its first years of company.

It became reference in the area and on the benefficiency os the best and most diverse kinds of national and international ornamental stones, such as Marbles, Granites and Quartzites. Also with synthetic and sintered materials, Dorym expanded its field of activity nationally and internationally, now having a manufacturing unit in Orlando, USA.

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Check below where to find one of our three units:

Unit I - Taubaté (São Paulo)

Rua Batista Sansoni, 410

Unit II - Orlando (FL)

2140 W Church St, Orlando Fl 32805

Unit III - São José dos Campos (São Paulo)

Av. Barão do Rio Branco, 736

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